Tree Pruning

Formative pruning, adolescent tree pruning, mature tree pruning, reduction pruning, Lacing (correct branch thinning), crown raising and Vista pruning.

Pruning is often done reactively as opposed to pro-actively, in response to problems like shade, leaf drop and security concerns amongst other issues.  At TreeWorks, we prune with a more scientific approach, from doing formative pruning on newly planted trees and adolescent trees and assisting the tree reach optimal growth.


When the tree grows a bit older, as an adolescent, we return to do any corrective pruning needed. This reduces the need for re-active pruning later on in the trees life. If you need to improve a view, or get more sun onto your lawn, then we can then lift the canopy and optimize your vista (vista pruning).


Tree lacing is a method of pruning trees so that the tree admits light and air through its canopy or crown. Tree lacing and overall pruning is done for safety, health and aesthetics.

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